Malaysian Toray Science Foundation (MTSF)

To contribute to the creation of the future prosperity of our country, it is essential that we build a firm foundation for scientific and technological progress as soon as possible. To achieve this objective, we believe it is of vital importance to create conditions which encourage the growth of scientific and technological development.

The aim of the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation is to contribute to the achievement of these objectives, by offering support for national scientific and technological advancement.

The Foundation will assist scientists and researchers from academic areas through grants. In addition, it will award prizes to those persons whose outstanding achievements have contributed to scientific and technological progress.

It is the founders hope that through their activities, made possible by endowments from Toray Industries, Inc. Japan ,the Foundation will fulfil its objectives, and in so doing contribute to the betterment of our society and further national growth. Click here to see detail about the advertisement.

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